Available courses

Nature, component and procedure of accounting information systems, preparation of business documents, principles of systems analysis and design, basic business cycles, accounting information subsystems including revenue cycle, expenditure cycle, production cycle, cash management cycle, and financial reports, related documents and information in each cycle, internal control, document flow and related accounting information system. E-Filling and modern technology using in accounting information system management. Usage and benefits of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in accounting.

Concepts, points of view and applications of information technology to
support learning and problem solving in the digital economy era, as well as practices on fundamental skills for application usage and modern application program development through user experience/user interface, researching, analyzing and assessing data leading to innovation responding to digital business’s needs.

Course Description: 

Understand and able to apply business organization, structure, and its existence in general, including types of ownership, business administration process and activities, especially in crucial business function i.e. marketing, finance, accounting to give general ideas of various business  function.  This  course  allows  participants  to  gain  comprehension  in  different activities of each business type through real business experience.