Presentation Skills

A 2 day programme in Thai or english

Strengthen your speaking skills….

Overcome anxiety…

…take control of the room.

An essential skill of an empowered employee is to be able to give presentations to a wide variety of audiences with confidence.

Level - Beginner to Intermediate



Course Objectives and Outcomes

Learn how to:


  •  Speak effectively to any sized group of listeners
  • Persuade your listeners to take action on your words and believe in your ideas
  • Sound and look your absolute best
  • Convey your ideas clearly so they hit their target every time
  • Take control of a room and command your listeners’ attention


Key subject areas include:


  • Analysing your audience needs: The 3 W’s – why? what?, who?
  • Preparing your presentation: Structure, purpose, audience, content, form, length, notes.
  • Making your presentation: Dealing with nerves, words, body language, dress, use of voice, audience questions, and difficult participants.
  • Audio visual support: Use of flip charts, overhead projector, LCD projector, slide projector, Power Point, video and music


By the end of the workshop, the participant will be able to:

  •  Plan and prepare a presentation
  • Practise and rehearse a presentation
  • Discuss and explore the uses of visual aids
  • Consider the varied needs of the audience
  • Demonstrate how to speak to groups with confidence
  • Formulate a written action plan


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