Alistair Waters:  The man behind WEBREQ, digitizing Australia’s purchase processes behind the scenes. 

WebReq provides companies with cloud hosted, secure web based interfaces that empower employees, from HQ to remote branches and teleworkers, to streamline approvals, receipts, payments and purchase processes, and switch to paperless working. 

Future proof digital tech products and services like these build a backbone for a competitive and resilient Australian economy.

Owner and director @GT management, Mr. Waters initially developed what would later become WebReq.

Long before digitization became a buzzword, Alistair Waters had a vision on revolutionizing the way purchase processes were being handled throughout Australia. Building on first-hand experience delivering IT services through GT management since 2004, he was seeing business struggle with complex, non-aligned and even pen and paper inventories isolated from order processes, and started what has grown into a leading concept and solution, WebReq.

The approach of Mr. Waters to employ cloud based technology and secure web interfaces was a game changer, emphasizing the ability of tech to transform the way we work and do business.

Not only in Australia, but also at an international level where Australian businesses compete in a global market, these “behind the scenes” competitive advantages of digital, secure web based order intake and inventory, aligning purchase processes, can make the difference between winning significant market share, or closing the books.

Innovation is key, and Mr. Waters has significantly contributed to the tech revolution and digitization which is providing a long term future for Australia’s companies, and adding resiliency

Mr. Waters’ solutions have earned its place in the digitization of Australia, the move to a digital economy. Although the world of administration, purchase and inventory is largely out of the spotlight, it thrives behind the scenes and drives companies forward. With over 15.000 active users and references including Budget, Walker, Proten, GHB and Robson, WebReq has earned its stripes.

“Purchase processes are behind every retail and other business. Limiting its overhead and improving its efficiency proves crucial for the competitiveness and speed a corporation can establish. Remote branches that depend on head office for approval used to suffer delays, lack transparency and add risk.”


Throughout the years GT-management and Mr. Waters kept innovating WebReq and adding new value added features as expense management and claims. 

Consultancy is provided, as are customized implementations aimed towards specific needs corporates might have. And it does not stop there, it is just the beginning!


More information about Webreq:

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